About TSR INC.

TSR, Inc. is a specialty tool company which operates from a 15,000 square foot office/service center in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. TSR, Inc. is an authorized distributor and warranty service center for Ingersoll Rand pneumatic tools, air winches, and air hoists. TSR, Inc. has been serving the Gulf Coast petrochemical industry since 1976.

We sell, rent and repair all types of air tools and hoists. Our test tower (pictured below) allows us to certify hoists up to 25-ton capacity.

TSR, Inc. has unique tool and equipment repair exchange programs which are individualized to minimize "cost of ownership" and maximize customer production efficiency.
Supply, Rent or Repair
  • DocuTite™ Torque Management System
  • Winches
  • High Capacity Hoists
  • Electric Hoists
  • Pneumatic Tools
  • Manual Lever & Chain Hoists
  • Certification-Manual & Powered
    Hoists, Winches, Lifting Clamps

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6800 S. Choctaw Dr, Baton Rouge, LA 70806     •     docutite@docutite.net

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