About DocuTite™

Requests for torque documentation of flange assemblies and other bolted connections have increased substantially over the last 5 years and TSR Inc. has supplied certified hand torque wrenches to our petrochemical industry customers to meet their requirements.

The goal of every company for zero (0) Environmental, Safety, and Health incidents has necessitated the development of an improved controlled process that is both more productive and also ergonomically sound. This demand resulted in the DocuTite™ Management System which is the next generation of torque tooling.

The DocuTite™ Torque Management System was developed to provide efficiency to the flange assembly and bolted connection task as well as absolute torque control and instantaneous documentation. Our system provides the only closed-loop impactool on the market today. This patented technology senses stress transmission through a shaft electronically creating a digital torque signal that comes with a LIFETIME WARRANTY on the transducer. This closed-loop system gives our controller the ability to run multiple operations using a single tool and shutting off the tool at the preprogrammed torque for each of the different applications.

The DocuTite™ system utilizes equipment that has been proven and embraced in the global automobile industry providing the torque documentation and productivity required to produce vehicles at a line rate of up to 70 cars an hour. This same technology has been upgraded in size and power to meet the unique demands and challenges of the petrochemical industry.

DocuTite™ is the only system specifically designed to provide accurate and repeatable torque with a tool that takes the decision making process out of the operator's hands and shuts off the tool at a preprogrammed torque. Documentation is immediately printed that ascertains the job was completed properly.

We welcome the opportunity to provide you with a complete demonstration of the system at your facility so you can witness the future of flange assembly and bolted connections.

Click here to view the Docutite pre-programmed Torque Information

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